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Innovating In the Digital Space


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Our passion has always been our customers’ success. While we have always loved pioneering new and exciting technology, we thrive when we help our clients realize their goals and dreams through this technology. This devotion allows our customers to focus on their business needs and not the technology which we provide.

Here at Smart Tech Studios, we don’t just build things for our customers; we build relationships. Whether it is designing websites, creating mobile apps, or researching IoT solutions, we know that the needs of our clients always come first. Although we enjoy working with technology, delighting our customers with innovative digital solutions is why we truly love doing what we do. Let us show you why you should trust us with your next website design, search engine optimization, or mobile application.

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Creative web development firm focused on website design and Search Engine Optimization for businesses of all sizes.

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Responsive Mobile App Development using the latest programming technology that targets every device and platform.

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Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions as a new way of problem-solving via sensors that can communicate with the cloud.

Localized SEO

Owning a small or local business can be rather tumultuous, especially in a big city. You have to compete with other local businesses and even larger corporate chains. If you're a local business that is looking to make the most of your market, there are some a few...

Search Engine Marketing: Different Than SEO?

When talking to a web developer, you will likely hear the terms search engine optimization and search engine marketing thrown around. And although these terms are similar and do have some overlap, they refer to completely different ideas. Search Engine Optimization is...

WordPress: The Right CMS for You?

When it comes to CMS for your website, finding one that best suits your needs can feel like the wild west. There's a least a half dozen popular web builders that claim they're the best, but which one should you choose? Numbers don't lie, and over 65% of the global...

Google Analytics

Have you just paid for a new website and you want to measure its worth? Or do you want to see how well your current one is doing? These are the biggest question a lot of companies who pay a lot of money for a website, and the answers to these questions are your way of...

Google Analytics: Turning Information into Results

Few will disagree that knowledge is power. Yet in this day and age, countless websites still don’t have the most basic and most effective source of web knowledge in place – Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service put in place by Google that allows the...

B/A Florist – East Lansing, MI – Case Study

B/A Florist - SEO Case Study In the following case study we will analyze the B/A Florist Online website just 90 days after launch. Client B/A Florist is a small, family-owned business in the heart of East Lansing, Michigan. Founded in 1979 by Barbara Ann, the shop...

Custom Software for Efficient Business Solutions

Although there are plenty of software packages available on the market today, sometimes the solution you are looking for just isn’t met by them. In order to obtain the results you want, custom software will probably be your best solution – and this is where a software...

Mobile Friendly Sites

Making a website mobile friendly is of the utmost importance for any business. With a majority of Americans owning a smartphone, most of the traffic to your business could be through a mobile device. In a 2012 survey from Google Inc., consumers stated that navigating...

SEM: When to Use

Search Engine Marketing understood best by being shown. If you go your favorite search engine and search for any product, you're likely to see ads on the page. Ads dominate the first half of any common search, usually taking the first 3-5 results and a significant...

Website Development: Keeping it Local

In today’s globalized economy, it is easier than ever to get paired with goods and services anywhere in the world. Although this interconnectedness has brought many positive changes, even within the website development community, it has brought some negative ones as...

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