Although there are plenty of software packages available on the market today, sometimes the solution you are looking for just isn’t met by them. In order to obtain the results you want, custom software will probably be your best solution – and this is where a software development company can help. Smart Tech Studios has a wealth of experience designing, implementing, and monitoring software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

There are many advantages to having custom business software as opposed to a prepackaged solutions, but they are not without their disadvantages as well. In this blog post, we will break down some of the reasons why or why not to have software designed specially for your business.

Advantages of Custom Software

Probably the most prominent advantage of having custom software is the ability to tailor it exactly to the needs of your business. Some of the less noticeable advantages, however, are also some of the largest. One such advantage is the ability to continually update and adapt the software as the business grows and changes. This allows your business to not have to purchase new software and retrain your employees every time there is a change in the way business is done. Another advantage is personal support – many software packages will only provide “over the phone” support that is vague and unhelpful. With a custom software solution – especially from a local company – you will be able to get extended, 1 on 1, personalized support – possibly even in person. This is a huge advantage when someone at your organization inevitably has a question about the software.

Disadvantages of Custom Software

Although custom software is usually the better long term solution for most businesses, that is not always the case. When your business only needs a basic software solution, the cost of a custom solution and the time required to build it are often not worth it. For this scenario, custom software is usually not the best choice, as it costs more money up front and takes longer to develop.

Overall, custom software is a great asset for many businesses, but it is important to understand when to use it. To learn more about how Smart Tech Studios software solutions can help your business, get in touch with us today!