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If we have built a site for you in the past, you have already heard us stress the importance of having a website load as fast as possible, especially when it comes to a mobile device. Mobile Page Speed is one of the main impacts on things such as bounce rate and is the number one reason people close your site before it even loads. Long loading times can damage viewership because more than likely half of your target audience is viewing your website on a mobile device.

Smart Tech Studios of Lansing, MI specializes in website design and website development, with a heavy focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A major part of SEO is optimizing your website’s load time. There are hundreds of methods we use to increase the page speed of your site, including page caching and utilizing Content Delivery Network (CND) via our cloud base hosting, and other essential guidelines every developer should implement to make sure you pages loads as fast as possible.

The AMP Project allows us to bypass a lot of the time-consuming methods mentioned above. Thus far it is the best way to increase the page speed of mobile pages, and by following the AMP guidelines, we can make mobile pages load as fast as possible.


What is the AMP Project?

The AMP Project is an open-source project propelled by Google in late 2015 as an approach to enhance the load times of mobile sites. AMP accomplishes this by using special markup programming code called AMP HTML and design principles to construct lightweight mobile website pages, therefore nearly eliminating load times altogether.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, the webs most popular Content Management System (CMS), the WordPress community quickly adopted this new technology. Smart Tech Studios is already implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on our customer’s websites. Our web developers see significant increases in traffic and bounce rates cut in half in customer’s sites that we monitor for SEO.

The AMP plugin by Automatic coupled with Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP is the best method to implement AMP on your website correctly. It does not stop there, however; after installing AMP, we need to monitor the AMP pages in Google Search Console. If not done correctly, it could cause more harm than good and worst of all cause design problems with your customer’s user experience.


Should I use AMP on my website?

The answer to this depends. Smart Tech Studios has developed many websites for businesses in the Greater Lansing Area, including Lansing, MI, East Lansing, MI and even as far as Midland, MI. We’ve found most of these websites have benefited from the AMP Project, but in different ways. As an example, we can use BA Florist, a florist here in East Lansing, MI. While AMP increased their overall speed for blog posts, we found that using AMP on product pages wasn’t necessary because those pages contain a single image and a product description which doesn’t have a problem loading quickly for their customers. However, their blog post included multiple pictures which caused a longer load. Integrating AMP on their blog posts fixed this. Our web developers have customized AMP to be flexible enough to use only on occasions where it is needed.


How can I tell how fast my page loads?

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a wonderful tool to see how fast your website loads desktops and mobile devices. Simply enter in your website’s domain address and Google will run a test and give you suggestions on how to improve the speed of your websites.

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