Have you just paid for a new website and you want to measure its worth? Or do you want to see how well your current one is doing? These are the biggest question a lot of companies who pay a lot of money for a website, and the answers to these questions are your way of knowing if you’re getting your money’s worth. Apart from asking your customers whether or not they found you from your website, this can be almost impossible to track.


Google Analytics is a tool that can track your website’s performance. It includes an impressive amount of market research to give your business key information moving forward. Analytics include such things like:

  • Audience Demographics
  • Website health monitoring
  • Where your users come from
  • How long your users stay
  • Help optimize an AdSense campaign
  • And much much more!

And the best part of it all?

It’s absolutely free.

In addition to its impressive feature-set, Google Analytics makes it very easy to read all the data. They utilize lots of visuals like easy-to-read graphs to ensure that anyone can read their data. Best of all, Google Analytics is essentially a report card for whoever is doing your SEO and web design. If you are unaware if your website is using Google Analytics, you should talk to whoever is in charge of your website and/or your SEO. Since Google Analytics is easy to implement and free, it’s a massive red flag if they either won’t show you the report, haven’t implemented it, or won’t implement without a large charge.

At Smart Tech Studios, we provide Google Analytics with every SEO package we offer, as well as every website we build. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and these reports are our report cards. If we see that your website isn’t contributing to your ROI, we will change our strategy to best suit your business.

If you are looking for either SEO to your current site or an entirely new site, please contact Smart Tech Studios for a free quote!