Few will disagree that knowledge is power. Yet in this day and age, countless websites still don’t have the most basic and most effective source of web knowledge in place – Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a service put in place by Google that allows the monitoring of websites. This allows websites to not only know how many clicks and views they get per day, but how long people spend on their site, and where they came from. In addition, it also gives information about where people are clicking the most often while on your site and what their return rates are. Here at Smart Tech Studios, we put all this information together to influence how we design our client’s websites. Below is a list of how we can use this same information to enhance your site’s performance.

1. Social Media Campaigns
By pairing Google Analytics with social media campaigns, you get a very potent duo – a large user base being exposed to your content and what that user base is doing with it. This is particularly helpful when working on a budget and trying to decide whether a campaign is profitable or not. Are the clicks being generated from the campaign converting into sales/calls to action, or is that from normal web traffic? Google Analytics knows. By using Google Analytics you can easily track your ROI for any social media campaign with complete accuracy.

2. Call to Action Location
Another valuable way to use Google Analytics is to determine if your call to action is in an optimal location. Because Google Analytics can track where users are most likely to click on your page and how long they spend on a page, you can determine where you should have your call to action located. This will help increase your conversions and make your website more effective overall.

3. Website Content Feedback
Google Analytics also allows you to see exactly how much time a customer spends on each page of your website – not just the website in general. This allows you to find out what content is the most engaging to your visitors and what content they don’t spend much time reading about.

There are many more ways you can use Google Analytics to help your website, but these are just three basic examples of what you can do with the information it provides you. If your website is not currently using Google Analytics and you want to start turning information into results, be sure to get in contact with Smart Tech Studios today!