Owning a small or local business can be rather tumultuous, especially in a big city. You have to compete with other local businesses and even larger corporate chains. If you’re a local business that is looking to make the most of your market, there are some a few things you can do to your website that will substantially boost your web presence from search engines.

Business Address

Having a physical address attached to the footer of your website will be the easiest thing to boost your SEO standing. If you look on our website, you’ll notice that we include our address, 2112 Hamilton Road, Okemos MI, to help promote our business in the greater-Lansing area. This change is quick and easy and can help your business significantly if you haven’t already done it.

Google/Bing Business Accounts

A surprising amount of business accounts are unclaimed by their owners, and some businesses don’t even have a Google/Bing account. Creating a business account is quite simple and painless, and just by having your business indexed by Google/Bing will greatly help your standings in a search query for related searches. From this photo, you can see what a Google profile looks like on a search. For us, this helps us compete with our web-development companies in the great-Lansing and Okemos area. This also allows your business to get ratings from customers, and the more ratings you have from local customers, the better your localized SEO will be.

Example of what a finished google business profile looks like to a customer.

An example of what a finished google business profile looks like to a customer.


The previous two are typically done once and don’t require much maintenance afterward. Blogs/Posts, however, are a good way to pad your SEO over time. These posts should be relevant to your business and have high keyword density. This helps customers find you when they search for these key words, and it lets search engines know that you’re still active.

Schema.org markup.

Schema.org is important for indexing your site information. It’s something you can do your website that will help highlight key business information about your business. Everything from address to hours of operation, schema.org markup can help search engines more quickly understand critical business information. Almost all of this happens “underneath the hood,” so you or your customers don’t notice a difference. However, it greatly helps search engines interpret your business, which helps you on related searches.

Smart Tech Studios

Smart Tech Studios knows that the website can seem like the wild west for business owners, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. From minor website maintenance and SEO to an entire digital redesign, STS can help you reach your goals. Contact Smart Tech Studios for a free consultation and quote today!