Making a website mobile friendly is of the utmost importance for any business. With a majority of Americans owning a smartphone, most of the traffic to your business could be through a mobile device. In a 2012 survey from Google Inc., consumers stated that navigating through websites that were mobile-friendly are important to them, and nearly 3/4 of the study said they were likely to revisit a website if it was mobile-friendly.

So what benefits can your business expect from making the switch to mobile?

  1. Search engines will penalize you if you don’t. Google recently made changes to how the search engine works when used on a mobile device. To summarize, if your website isn’t ‘mobile-friendly,’ Google will penalize your rank your site lower when searched on a mobile device. This penalty directly affects the traffic to your website, which in turn will hurt your business. While this change was controversial, it is logical that a Google search would return sites that are the most useful to its users.
  2. It’s what your customers want. The aforementioned 2012 survey clearly showed that mobile users demand mobile friendly websites. But what will customers do if your site isn’t mobile-friendly? They leave! 61% of users who are on mobile-unfriendly sites leave, while 67% of users who are on mobile-friendly sites are more likely to buy something.
  3. What makes a site mobile friendly? So now that you know the benefits of having a mobile-friendly internet site, what are some things that you can implement to make your site better for mobile
  • Fast load times
  • Large Text
  • Big buttons
  • Simple navigation
  • Call to actions
  • Important business information on hand (phone, hours of service, maps).
  • Location Detection
  • Social media integration
  • Ability to zoom on product images


Smart Tech Studios is an experienced website developer that puts a lot of emphasis on mobile-friendliness. We understand that a competent mobile site could make our break your business and we will work hard to make sure you realize your business goals. A mobile friendly site is key in snuffing out your competition and helping your business reach new heights.