Search Engine Marketing understood best by being shown. If you go your favorite search engine and search for any product, you’re likely to see ads on the page. Ads dominate the first half of any common search, usually taking the first 3-5 results and a significant portion of the left margins.

So how do these ads get there? These ads are placed there by companies who pay-per-click. They might spend 100 dollars on 1,000 clicks to their ad. Depending on how competitive your market is and how general the search term is, SEM might seem like the best bang for your buck. While SEM can be very beneficial for your web traffic, you should proceed with caution before you spend your money on SEM.

The big question is, have you had any Search Engine Optimization done on your website? While SEO might boast a higher initial price than SEM, it’s results are often permanent and won’t disappear as soon as you stop paying for it. But the reason your SEO history might be substantial for SEM is that search engines like Google reward sites with good SEO. You will find that your ad placement is better when your SEO standing is good. In addition to position, you may pay less for your ads if the SEO on your site is in good condition.

Another substantial thing to consider is the condition of your site. Customers are more likely to stay on sites if they’re user-friendly, especially if the person searching on a mobile device. Your ads will do little good for your overall return on investment if your site isn’t easy to navigate, especially if you’re utilizing e-commerce. Customers will click your ad, get frustrated, and then leave.

SEM can be an excellent tool to increase traffic to your website, and the effects are seen immediately- you can even stop SEM whenever you want. But using SEM without first SEO might not get you the results you want, especially if your site isn’t up to date. SEM’s effects are best seen when they’re done on top of both a modern site with SEO.

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