In today’s globalized economy, it is easier than ever to get paired with goods and services anywhere in the world. Although this interconnectedness has brought many positive changes, even within the website development community, it has brought some negative ones as well.


The Pros of a Remote Web Developer

Seeing how almost everyone in the United States has access to the internet, it is no wonder there are many successful online website development agencies. Because of their size and amount of business, these companies can often offer high quality products for decently low prices. In addition, they have access or subscriptions to many expensive bells and whistles that one may want with a website. If these are things that are important for you and your business’ goals, then picking a remote web developer may be the right choice for you.

The Cons of a Remote Web Developer

The first and foremost con of any remote employee is right in the title: remote! When working with an online website development company, you will often have limited contact with the person working on your website. This often results in a website that doesn’t feel quite how you would like, since the developer never really gets to know you or your business before building the website. In addition, your website may not evolve with your business after it is built due to not keeping in touch with the developer down the road.

Why Local?

Although Smart Tech Studios lacks the name recognition and size of online competitors, we strive to produce high quality work and create meaningful relationships with customers. In addition, we are familiar with the area and can immediately help any companies located in Michigan looking for a boost in website traffic, leads, and sales. Smart Tech Studios has web experience almost exclusively with Michigan companies and has helped every one of them take their business to the next level.

If you are interested in learning more about our web development services, you can give Smart Tech Studios a call today (517-580-4662) or get in contact using any of the methods listed below!