If you do a quick Google Search and shop around for a developer to provide you with website maintenance you’ll quickly discover it can be very expensive. Most companies have plans that costs per month what we will be charging a year.

This is because not all WordPress sites, themes, plugins, and security modules are created equal.  Our maintenance program will only be offered to clients who site we’ve built. Before we use a plugin or theme we put it through vigorous testing. This allows us to monitor a limited array of themes and plugins and install the necessary updates and patches only when needed.

What We Provide


Once we get the okay to provide you with maintenance we will evaluate the site and get everything up-to-date. From there our team will schedule monthly backups offsite to our Amazon S3 Cloud infrastructure. We then install the iThemes Sync Pro plugins to your site. This gives us some awesome advantages when it comes automating maintenance, some of which include:

  • Monitor your websites uptime, downtime, and performance.
    • We can set up alerts and be notified when a problem occurs.
    • Track response time and be notified
  • Track and view on-the-fly analytical data
    • These insights are priceless. For example, if all your mobile traffic stopped we would quickly know that something has changed and your site isn’t mobile-friendly
  • Tracking of updates to WordPress, theme, and plugins
    • Just because an update is released doesn’t necessarily mean you should click the “Update” button
    • This will help us gauge which updates are needed and what order it is best to install them
    • We can also help gauge when it’s best to create a backup before installing a plugin.
    • Track when PHP, Apache, and SQL need to be updated as well
  • Reporting
    • We can send you as needed reports for updates made to WordPress, your theme & plugins

The program will also include:

  • Adding, changing or removing images, links and videos that are provided by your team
  • Minor textual changes
  • Search Engine Optimization recommendations.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

The goal is to be proactive and prevent the site’s performance from deteriorating through diligent monitoring, performing regular updates, optimizing as needed, and having off destination backups readily available. Because of the speed at which WordPress is updated and security vulnerabilities are being discovered, all the themes and plugins require updates fairly often.


What We Won’t Do

The program does NOT include things like:

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • PHP, Javascript, and other server-side programming
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Web design & creation
  • Articles submissions, etc.
  • Google AMP Optimization

Our Prices

Below is a quick rundown of our prices based on how you are currently hosting your website. In addition, we offer 15% off all future web work for anyone who is currently under the maintenance plan.

Self Hosted Site – $400/year

Ecommerce Site – $350

Smart Tech Studios Hosted Site – $300

With an SEO Contract  – FREE

The End Goal

The goal of this service is to offer affordable maintenance and upkeep to keep your site in top shape. If you are interested in learning more about this service or the others that we offer, feel free to get in touch with Smart Tech Studios today!


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